PLINTH and other stories

'PLINTH and Other Stories' is a new collection of short stories. Some are true, some are almost true and some are complete fiction.  “Evocative”, “whip crack sharp” and often hilarious storytelling set in the inner city arts and music underbelly.

Plinth – How to perform stadium rock in a local pub using milk crates and other innovative staging adventures


Mirror Mirror – A poor uni student discovers the world of avant garde fashion and dreams of going to Soul a Go Go


Art Unit – a true account of a tour to Sydney with the band People with Chairs up their Noses


The Colour Purple - a clerk looks for a missing file in the case about who owns the colour purple


Rock n Roll Redemption - an ageing rock star arrives in Australia and is kidnapped by a Montenegrin grandmother


The Racetrack – a mock historical account of an Australian racetrack


The Community Org - Youth Connexions are staging a battle of the bands in the carpark of the local supermarket in Coolamaroo


The Last Days of Chez Nous. The last days of a bizarre flat above a shop in Richmond


Hurricane Bob – the role the song Hurricane has played in my life


Farewell My Ugly - Herman, who played in the Primevals punk band decades ago, is asked by an old music friend to investigate a noise complaint and is lead in to a Film Noir labyrinth


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